Digital Business Maturity Assessment

Assess your digital maturity, prioritise your initiatives and align your stakeholders - 

before investing in Digital Technology.

Why Assess Your Digital Maturity?

What is it?


A low touch self-assessment covering 6 sections:

  • Customer Engagement
  • Competitive Focus
  • Data
  • Business Innovation 
  • Organisational Agility 
  • Business Value

Understand what the business priorities for Digital Investment need to be.

Quickly identify where to start your

modernisation programme.

What do I get?

Identify opportunities or threats that can be addressed through Digital investment.

A report is produced to identify the current levels of maturity and recommended areas of improvement - including areas of your business that could benefit from digital investment or what new capabilities you may need to successfully transform.

Ensure key business stakeholder alignment to support the transformation.

Future-proof your digital strategy

The purpose of the assessment is to help our customers identify the business areas that could benefit from digital investment; or figure out what new capabilities you may need to successfully transform, putting you in a strong position to guide your organisation onto a roadmap sustainable future.

Technology has removed many historic business constraints, rewriting the business playbook across all industries. Even the most successful organisations built in the pre-digital age are struggling to adapt their strategic thinking to thrive and grow in today's Digital Age. 

Find out your organisation's digital maturity today!

Fronde exists to help businesses
unlock their full potential, faster.

Integration, modernisation and collaboration is in our DNA. Leverage the Fronde Advantage, our four pillars of digital capability - Integration, Modernisation, Connected Worker and Lifecycle Management - that will enable you to rapidly deliver successful digital business transformation.

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